Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day One, Who is the KingPin?

I have a lover who I"m just going to call the King Pin, Physical he's perfect. We sit for hours and just talk, he tells me of his life, his fears , his hurts and pains. We sit around my lap top which is on my bed. King Pin likes to keep his socks on. I like feet, I"m not going to say I have a fetish for them. I just like feet. Though there is something I like to do with the big toe... ssshhhh but I'm not telling

We talk in till the wee hours of the morning , sometimes to the early hours of the afternoon. when I have him to myself it's wonderful. It's filled with kisses rough touches. But he is so different outside of my home. He does not really ignore me. He gives a hug when he see's me, but he's reserved, how can that be when he told me a deep dark secret that his friends don't know. He told me he trusts me but is that only when were alone. Does he have a image to follow, is it a shameful thing to be seen with me?

Last night he played pool with a girl, kinda a cute in her own way, she had a high pitched voice that I loath. She kept telling him To "shut the fuck up" and giggle really loud, a nudge with her elbow, I really wanted to vomit.... When I got there I did what I always do I went up and gave him a hug, We talked for a bit and then the screeching girl told him he was up to shoot, at that time I asked him a question. Which I didn't get a answer. He was all ready occupied with taking his shot.

So I waited, and when he was done he went right to her and started talking and laughing. I was confused by this , I just stood there like a fool, and then turned on my heal and walked away. Believe me I was fuming, I'm not usually a Jealous person, I just felt betrayed , I atleast had his friendship and he shouldn't have dismiss me so quickly. So most of the night was him with her and I was just pissed, then when she left... he came back to me laughing and joking around with me...ummm no that's not going to happen..... I walked away from him each time he came up... which was childish, but I don't care ! ( stomps foot)

But I'm a fool because he came over last night, and slept till 4:30 pm today.... he jumped up and said he had to go a quick kiss on the shoulder and one on the lips he mumbled something about maybe seeing me tonight, and walked out my door.


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